There is something permanent and robust about a paper diary/organiser. There are only a few copies left. A great way to communicate with and between your health practitioners

Communicating with Your Doctor or health practitioner

By Kaye Brand – Fibromyalgia Support network.

Recently I was reading an article from the University of CaliforniaPersonal health record San Francisco regarding relationships between patients and their doctors. The authors described this relationship as a very personal one built on communication and trust. They recommend that in choosing a doctor, we must be aware that the “chemistry’ between the patient and the doctor must work. The article suggested some things we can do to build a more effective relationship with our doctor.

* Be Organized

Doctors are busy, so you need to know how to get the most from their limited time with you. This means that you must be organized and focused on the issues you want to address. Think in advance about the questions you want answered.

* Keep Good Records

Provide your doctor with good, accurate information about your symptoms and medications so he or she has the necessary tools to accurately diagnose your condition and prescribe appropriate
treatment. A list of medications and supplements you are taking, recent symptoms and the dates at which they occurred, any recent tests and names of other doctors you are seeing can be useful
information to share with your doctor.

* Set the Tone

Let your doctor know how much or how little you want to participate in the decision-making process and whether you want very detailed information about all treatment options or just general information.

* Be Assertive

There is virtually nothing more important than your health. Just as you would not buy a house without asking questions, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions. If your concerns are not addressed to your satisfaction, be assertive. Let your doctor know that you still have questions and ask if an additional appointment can be set up, whether the appointment can be extended or if there are other staff members who can address your questions. Balance assertiveness with respect and understanding.

The My Health Organiser is a useful tool to assist you to communicate with your doctor. Click here to obtain a copy.

personal health record.

* Record your pain

Download this file and take it to your next appointment. Pain assessment form 1