Day and night as we move through life in the vehicle of our body, most of us would like to make the journey a smoother and more comfortable one. Imagine yourself in the driver’s seat of the body with your hands resting on the steering wheel of your thoughts and feelings.

You may already be aware that your thoughts and feelings can steer you off-track and override the needs of the body. This is especially so at the end of the day when the body is seeking to relax, unwind and shrug off the cares of the day in preparation for a refreshing night’s sleep. It is at this time that thoughts can become noisy, incessant and steer you away from getting off to sleep.

What you can do about it?

By listening to Pathway 9 from the Meditating Pathways to Wellbeing Audio Guide you can learn how to align yourself with the powerful rhythms of day and night and thereby re-set your own internal GPS (Global Positioning System) to your chosen destination of “simply drifting off”. This is where the body can slowly unwind and the mind is content to follow-on and naturally quieten. This is the way to restore patterns of deep, restorative, and refreshing sleep.


When to listen to Pathway 9?

Before you get into bed is the best time to listen to this recording. Each night as you listen, you are allowing and inviting the winding down process, without thinking, and taking the first steps towards initiating sleep, more and more automatically.


Becoming too sleepy?

As this audio recording is likely to assist you to feel sleepy please choose your time to listen at the end of your day’s activities. At a time when you are not driving or even walking. At a time when you have declared the day is done with all of its completions and incompletions. (Tuck away any incompletions in a filing cabinet labelled FOR TOMORROW where they can be safely stowed overnight).

Then dim the lights, put your feet up … ready to slowly let go of anything that is not useful … and begin to welcome a relaxing and restful night …

Pathway 9: Winding down for the night and sleeping well.


Needing further assistance?

If you require any further assistance with sleeping well, Pathway 10 takes you to a deeper experience of calm and comfort and is specifically designed for listening when in bed. This track is available by downloading the Complete Audio Guide here.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been offering a 50 % discount for access to the Complete Audio Guide. To access this discount please contact us at and request the discount code. At the same time please share with us your experience of listening to Pathway 9.