New Patients

Dr Lewis is available for telehealth consultations. The duration and the fee for these consultations are the same as for an in-room consultation. Please be aware that on 1 January 2022 the Australian Government substantially reduced the Medicare rebates for phone consultations that are provided by a specialist. This means that there will be an increased out-of-pocket expense for telephone consultations when compares to video consultations via Zoom. You will be advised of the fee before the consultation.

To make the process appropriate and as useful as possible, You will be sent via email a list of questionnaires to be completed and returned prior to the consultation.

Please send via email to

  1. Personal details eg age, family and work history
  2. A timeline of the history of the illness.
  3. Your opinion as to why the illness developed and your life circumstances that were occurring at the time of onset.
  4. A complete list of all treatments that have been tried and the result of these treatments.
  5. A list of current therapists and details of the current treatment plans
  6. A list of all symptoms in order of severity.
  7. A completed pain questionnaire.
  8. A brief biography, family and social history
  9. A list of all current medications and supplements
  10. A three-day food and drink diary indicating times and amounts.


Medical history review fee

We are often contacted by individuals to provide a second opinion about their condition. It can be time-saving for you for the initial assessment to be a Medical history review.

If this is your preference we will ask that you provide the information listed above.
The fee for this history review is not debatable via Medicare. Please contact us for details.

If as a result of this Medical History Review Dr Lewis considers he could adequately meet your expectations and assist with your medical condition by way of a telephone or video consultation we will happily schedule a time to speak.

If he considers that he is unable to assist you, he will advise you of the reasons for this and give you suggestions as to who might assist you.


How to proceed

To initiate this process you need to email call Tina on +61 3 95349495.

Please allow seven days for a response following the receipt of your information.
We hope this process will meet your needs and we look forward to assisting you.

Email communication for all patients

Communication and answering medical questions via email is rarely undertaken as it is not considered to be good medical practice.

Under special circumstances and by prior agreement some medical questions may be answered via email. A communication fee is charged and the rate depends on the complexity of the correspondence. Please ask for details at the time of your request.

Please contact us if you require further information. 03 9534 9495.