We encourage inquiries regarding our fees and the rebates available from Medicare prior to the consultation date. The cost of providing a high quality specialist medical service is not fully covered by Medicare and there will be out of pocket expenses for the consultations and any injections, if required. At the time of making an appointment, the fees will be explained to you.

Private health insurance organisations cover only costs that are incurred as a hospital inpatient. They do not cover consultations in the rooms.

An initial consultation is 30-45 minutes and a subsequent consultation is generally 15-20 minutes. If you consider your condition is ‘complex’ please advise this at the time of your appointment.

Unlike appointments in General Practice, the fee schedule for a rheumatologist is not based on time but on the complexity of the issues to be addressed.


All accounts are payable in full on the day of the consultation. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Cancellation Policy

Once an appointment has been made a definite time is set aside exclusively for you.

We require 48 hours of notification of cancellation by phone on 9534 9495 otherwise the full fee for the consultation is payable.

For further information regarding fees and our policy for cancellation of appointments please contact the Administrative Office on 03 9534 9495