Do you want to learn how to reduce the health-impairing effects of the over-analytical mind and the overactive stress response, simply and naturally ?

Evidence is growing that the over-active mind and stress response can exacerbate the state of imbalance within any system of the body. This can amplify the experience of chronic anxiety and depression, persisting pain and fatigue, difficulty in sleeping and functioning in life.

Do you want to be able to generate calm and inner balance ?

With The Meditating Pathways To Health and Wellbeing Audio Guide you can tap into the re-balancing mechanisms that lie naturally within the human mind and body.

The Audio Guide enables you to experience the difference that activating these balancing systems can make in simple and practical ways as the benefits naturally grow and flow.

By listening to the Audio Guide, in a specially-designed sequence of recordings, you can go on a re-balancing journey of inner discovery from the comfort of your own chair, simply by pressing “play” each day. This gives you the time and space, the confidence and ability, to bring new and refreshing perspectives into your life. You will learn practices and skills that naturally generate health and wellbeing.

The natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” – Hippocrates

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