I recently had a wide ranging interview with Gary Kirwan From BiohackersLAB.

“If you know someone who is interested in how natural approaches can help manage chronic pain and reduce inflammation, or, how lifestyle factors such as diet and meditation can impact our health, then this interview is for them.” Gary Kirwan .

I enjoyed this discussion which you can view here. or you can listen to this podcast by downloading the audio from the BiohackersLAB podcast platforms such as iTunes.

In this podcast, I spoke a little about meditation and discussed some of the things we cover in the More Than Meditation Course, which begins on May 10.

Highlights of what we talk about during the interview:

  • The growing understanding about the interconnectedness of the microbiome in our gut and the immune and nervous system function means that the way we are approaching disease is changing.
  • The origins of the 12 Pathways to Wellbeing program and how to use it as a roadmap to help people check where they are in terms of each aspect of their lifestyle such as exercise, nutrition, stress, breath awareness, the connection between mind and body, and service to others.
  • Dietary choices for reducing inflammation.
  • How to influence the microbiome.
  • Tests and investigations
  • Recommendations for medications and supplements for joint care and pain management?
  • Pain and the mind-body connection
  • Meditation and its effects on stress, immune function and inflammatory processes.
  • Virtual reality and chronic pain.
  • How to navigate these many connected issues and ideas and a balanced approach to management.

    I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.