There is a lot to learn about this subject and the challenge is to merge the science regarding appropriate usage with political and community expectations. Around the world and also in Australia, medical marijuana is being introduced well before the true benefits and side effects are known.

Before a medication is released we can have confidence that there is comprehensive knowledge about the benefit and side effects. Doctors are educated in the appropriate and safe use of medications so that the best outcome can be achieved with its use.

This process is being bypassed to some extent with medical marijuana. In many places in the world, it is widely available. In Australia it is being made availabe and regulations are being developed.

This week we have seen the share price of the Australian companies involved with marijuana production and distribution increase dramatically on the expectation of significant usage of medical marijuana in the future.

Yet there is still so little research advising the cost- benefit effects.

Here is a study that sends a message of caution. Marijuana Associated With Worse Depression Outcomes