There is an excellent website called Health Rising which is devoted to reporting on research into fibromyalgia.

Here is their latest issue

They report that recovery from fibromyalgia is rarely possible.

I have a different perspective on this.
I see individuals with fibromyalgia every day of my working life.
In my experience recovery is not unusual.

Just two days ago I received a phone call from a 38-year-old man to advise me that he had recovered completely. Six months ago he was housebound on moderately high levels of opioids. He told me that the single biggest improvement occurred when he came off the opioids and subsequently, he instituted a range of strategies each one incrementally improving his outcome. He advised me
that he is now pain free and back at work. He adopts a range of healthy lifestyle practices including meditation and specific dietary restrictions on a daily basis.

He is on no medications.

This is just one example.Here is a link to some other inspiring stories of recovery