The More Than Meditation Course – Suspended due to COVID

$ 297.00

  • The More Than Meditation Course – The only medically directed course in Melbourne now in it’s 17th year. Aiming to assist those with pain, fatigue and autoimmune disorders.


The More Than Meditation Course – more than just sitting …
One night per week for 5 weeks.

Now in its 17th year!


When: The course has been discontinued due to COVID-19 .

We have reduced the online Meditating Audio guide price by 50%. Please contact us at and we will send you the discount code.




Sessions 2 to 5 are on the following Thursdays:

Times: 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Note: Session 1 will conclude at 8:45 pm.

Place : Baptist Community Centre 12-16 Surrey Rd Sth Yarra.
Onsite and street parking is available. Please plan to arrive early to give yourself ample time to be settled before the session starts.

$277 – Early Bird tuition (book and pay) on or before Friday

$297 – Full tuition
$150 – For those who have previously attended a course. (Past participants need to call the
office to receive this discount).

Experienced teachers with decades of meditation experience :

Bill Patterson : Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, meditation teacher
Kati Patterson: Meditation teacher, yoga teacher
Bev Lewis : Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, meditation teacher
Daniel Lewis : Physician, rheumatologist, musculoskeletal pain specialist, Fellow of the Australian College Lifestyle Medicine, meditation teacher.

Who is the Course for?

The 5 week MORE Than Meditation Course is for beginners and experienced meditators alike.
It is a secular course based on the understandings from neuroscience.
It is designed to enable you to establish a regular, sustainable and enjoyable meditation practice so you can:

  1. STRESS LESS: by lowering stress hormones and activating the relaxation response.
  2. Experience PAIN REDUCTION: by modifying and changing the experience of pain.
  3. CONTROL ANXIETY: by guiding awareness and reducing the impact of negative thoughts.
  4. REDUCE FATIGUE: by replenishing the body and calming the mind.
  5. IMPROVE SLEEP: by restoring natural sleep cycles
  6. Experience a more POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP with yourself and others.
  7. Find INNER PEACE and deal with life’s challenges with more ease.

What you can expect in this Course?

  • A group experience which facilitates a deeper level of meditation.
  • Support during and between sessions.
  • Experiential learning with a range of different meditation approaches.
  • To learn strategies to overcome obstacles to daily meditation.
  • To use time management to prioritising your valuable time.
  • To train your constantly thinking mind to experience stillness.
  • To be guided into a weekly schedule of practice.
  • Access to the science of meditation via our online library of articles.
  • Learning and enjoyment as you become a confident meditator.

Importantly, this Course includes specifically designed Pain Meditation modules for the self-management of physical and/ or emotional pain.

Are you interested in the feedback from previous participants?

The majority of participants have found that the Course has had profound effects on their quality of life across many domains.
Here is a link to read what participants have said about the course.

Book now to reserve your place in the next Course:

Online with PayPal, MasterCard or Visa.
Or call Tina during office hours on 9534 9495


Cancellation Policy:

Standard industry cancellation fees apply to all bookings.
All cancellations must be notified via email to

Up to to 7 days prior to the course – Course tuition will be refunded minus a $55 ( inc GST) administration fee.
Less than 7 days notice of cancellation 50% of the tuition fee is non-refundable.
After the course commences 100% of total price non-refundable.

All tariffs subject to change.
Please take careful note of the dates, time and location of your course as there is no refund for missed sessions.
We reserve the right to cancel a course if a minimum number of participants have not registered one week prior to the course commencement.
If we cancel, postpone or alter the time or location of a course, we undertake to refund the course tuition fee in full if you do not wish to maintain your course reservation.




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