In this Healing Pain Podcast, Dr Joe Tatta interviews Vidyalmala Burch on the topic of How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Manage Chronic Pain.


Vidyalmala distils what her 30 years of experiencing chronic pain have taught her. In essence, she quite simply describes her pain journey and how she came to realize that the mind is a tool that can be used as a valuable resource to assist in the management of chronic pain. Her ongoing work is to share what she has learned with others.

Episode 234| How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Live Well With Pain With Vidyamala Burch
Dr. Joe Tatta | The Healing Pain Podcast

We’re discussing how to use mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches to overcome chronic pain. My guest is Vidyamala Burch. She is a mindfulness and compassion teacher with years of helping people with pain, illness or stress live fuller and more meaningful lives. At the early age of seventeen, she sustained a spinal injury that required multiple surgeries and left her with chronic low back pain and partial paraplegia. After experiencing a period of hopelessness as well as helplessness, she discovered mindfulness as a way to ease the mental torment associated with physical pain. She’s the author of two books, teaches and trains on the topics of mindfulness as well as compassion. Vidyamala was also awarded an honorary membership from The British Pain Society for outstanding contributions to the field of pain management. In this episode, we discuss how Vidyamala has used mindfulness to overcome chronic pain and how she teaches people with chronic pain to live fuller lives through mindfulness meditation.

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