In this present age of digital domination our lives are becoming ruled by “screens” and “likes”.

Just simply observing pedestrians and commuters over the next few weeks staring at their devices, will remind you just how much our lives have changed in 10 years.

Our brains are now, more than ever before, distracted by the allure of mobile phones, tablets and computers, as we seek more stimulation, more connections, more text messages.



Distraction is shortening the human attention span and valued life skills, such as concentration, are diminished.

No longer is there time for reflection. Managing stress is the number 1 issue challenging those who have attended our meditation-training course over the years.

Stress is a driver for all chronic illnesses and this is where meditation practices can be so effective.


Two important questions:

  1. Can meditation really extend the length and quality of human life?
  2. Can meditation reduce or resolve chronic illnesses including anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypertension, insomnia and many more?

The answer to both questions it is an emphatic yes!

Meditation practice can positively influence the experience of chronic illness and can serve as a primary, secondary, and/or tertiary prevention strategy.

Here is a link to learn more about stress.


More Than Meditation


New course begins 8 November, 2018

The More Than Meditation Course provides tuition in mindfulness and many other techniques that can be used throughout the day. The emphasis is on brain training concepts that actually build positive neural structures in the brain. By establishing a regular practice these techniques have been proven to lead to a longer, healthier and more balanced life.

It is called More Than Meditation because the course leaders bring to this course their extensive knowledge of neuroscience and chronic disease management.




5 OUTCOMES from this course:

  1. STRESS LESS: lowers stress hormones and engenders the relaxation response.
  2. PAIN REDUCTION: modify or even resolve chronic pain conditions.
  3. CONTROL ANXIETY: guide awareness and reduce the impact of negative thoughts.
  4. REDUCE FATIGUE: replenish the body by calming the mind.
  5. IMPROVE SLEEP: creates a context for restoring natural sleep cycles



Consider joining this course as a gift to yourself or give it as a gift to someone else.

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