Waist circumference is a measure of the fat that is deposited around the abdominal organs. This is called central adiposity.

Central Adiposity
This is associated with prediabetes and diabetes, abnormal blood fats as well is a shorter life span.. This shorter lifespan is irrespective of the body-mass index ( BMI)

The mortality risk for men is 102% higher in those who are overweight circumference of greater than 120 cm compared with men who had waist circumference less than 90 cm.

The corresponding for women who are greater than 110cm compared with those less than 75 cm was 136%

This data highlights a serious health risks of central adiposity.


  1. know your waist circumference
  2. Activate your stress reduction, nutrition and exercise plan.

Ref: Jacobs EJ et al. Waist circumference and all-cause mortality in a large US cohort. Arch Intern med 2010 170:1293