For may chronic inflammatory conditions it is necessary to take prednisolone (glucocorticoid/ steroid ) medication to prevent the complications of uncontrolled inflammation. For many taking prednisolone is necessary to function in day to day life.

Osteoporosis is one of the complications of prednisolone therapy.

What to do

Assess the risk of fracture. This is done using a fracture risk calculator. Your health provider can access this.
The highest risk of fracture is in those 70 years or older and those needing to take more than 7.5mg prednisolone per day.

Treat the risk of osteoporosis early – ideally at the time of commencing prednisolone.

Control inflammation with the full range of anti-inflammatory medication and non-medication approaches.
This definitely reduces bone loss.




Take Vitamin D and calcium supplements

Weight bearing exercise to keep muscles strong.

Do balance exercised to prevent trips and falls.




Stop Smoking

Many people will need to discuss with their health professional the use of bone protecting medications.