Weight gain and the risk of osteoarthritis and weight loss leads to reduced pain

Fact: For every 0.5kg of weight lost, there is a 2 kg reduction in the load exerted on each knee for each step taken during daily activities.

Losing as few as 5kg can cut the risk of developing knee osteoarthritis by 50%.

Losing up to 10% of body weight reduces the experience of pain.


To support you in achieving weight loss goals here is an idea.

Check out your current eating and exercising routines with this simple questionnaire taken from the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association.


Osteoarthritis, weight gain and inflammation


Osteoarthritis used to be thought of as a” wear and tear” problem. Now we understand it to be all about inflammation.

We used to think that weight gain only occurred due to the extra pressure on the joints. Now we know that obesity not only produces adverse metabolic changes but also resulted in adverse immunological changes, almost as if adipose tissue was “an immunological organ. This leads to inflammation.

Reducing body weight is an anti-inflammatory strategy.


Yes, meditation does help in achieving weight loss goals.