Downloading the Meditating Pathways to Wellbeing Audio Guide.

How do I download to an Apple IOS device?

The audio files are MP3 files and Apple does not allow a direct download to IOS devices. The files can be streamed and therefore listened to when connected to the internet.
For offline and ease of use the files must first be downloaded to iTunes on your computer and then transferred to your device via iTunes.

How do I stop an audio file from automatically repeating in an endless loop?

On an Apple device, the Turn Off Repeat button on iOS 11/12 and 13.0 can be found on this link.

Why do I need to create a password in the Shopping Cart?

Your password allows you to create your own account and enables you to re-access your purchase at a later date.

How do I use the Shopping Cart for the Audio Guides?

The Cart page is where your items sit prior to purchase. Just like a bricks ’n mortar store, you add the products you want to buy into your cart

To actually purchase the items, you go to the Checkout page and complete the order

After going through the checkout and paying for the product ( there is no payment for the FREE product), you are then taken to an Order Confirmation page which shows you what you have ordered plus provides the download links for the audio (digital) files.

The Order Confirmation page is where you will get the download links after going through the purchase process.

On the Order Confirmation page it shows you the product that you ordered, which also links back to the Product in the store. You will be provided with download links to download the audio (digital) files.

You will receive an Order Confirmation email that shows you the products that were purchased. It also includes the download links.

What do I do if I am having difficulty downloading the digital files?

If you have an issue downloading the file, or you do not to download the files straight away, you can use the links in the Order Confirmation email to download at a later date.

If something happens during the download and the file does not get downloaded properly, you can try again using these links in the email. Alternatively, you can login to your account and view your past orders and the download links

It is easy to access your account via the link to the ‘My Account’ page on the main menu.

If you still have an issue downloading a file, most of the time the issue is resolved by using another computer. For example, if you are trying to download to a phone/tablet, try downloading onto your computer instead and see if that works.

Also if you are trying to download from your place of work this process maybe “blocked” so try once you get home. Sometimes security settings in office networks prevent people from downloading files.