Here are the thoughts of a woman with rheumatoid arthritis. Her intention is inspirational.

“I intend to be well, healthy, and fit with “the dis-ease” being a thing of my past.
I intend to live my life as dis-stress free and congruent as possible and continue with my healthy, organic, vegetarian, gluten free, alkilising diet.
I will have regular mental and emotional check ups with myself and other practitioners and take time out for daily meditation practice.
From this point on I enjoy health and wellbeing.

Here are the top 3 practical step she incorporates into her life:

  1. See a practioner to assist with Mind-body therapies, stress management and medication.
  2. Review nutrition and eat an anti inflammatory diet.
  3. Practice breathing techniques to reduce stress and inrease energy.

Our invitation to who ever reads this article is to develop your own intention and work with it each day.
Humans are the only species that can change their biology by their thoughts.
Intention is one of the 12 Pathways to Wellbeing that contribute to health.

Being Intentional
We are what we think and our thoughts do matter.
Our thinking processes influence the function of all body systems and hence our health. This knowledge reminds us to be aware of what we are thinking and to chart our direction consciously.
Action then follows with greater ease and clarity.