The pain in my right hand and the inflammation was so great that my fingers couldn’t move as they should.

My body aching and the loss of smooth mobility was creeping up my body like an unwelcome tree vine.

I shouldn’t be like this – I eat well and exercise.

A few local doctor visits referred me to blood tests,scans, and other investigations that pointed to possible cancers and even Slap cheek.

No it was none of the above.

Medication was provided but this surely wasn’t the only solution to such discomfort, loss of mobility and mental anguish.

My GP was sure I needed a Rheumatologist to look at me.

I have never believed that a pill could be the only solution to an ailment of any kind.

You must look at your life’s actions.

That includes movement, environment, diet and head space.

Movement – exercise.

Environment – home and work.

Diet – what foods one puts into your body.

Head Space – one’s state of mind be it thinking and believing.

I had spoken to a few friends who had experienced attending a Rheumatologist and they all said that it was simply getting the correct pain killers.

I asked further questions as that is what you must do!

Pain can be killed – sure but

that still leaves a dormant dullness in the body.

I needed more than tablets because my body was rebelling against me.

Arranging the referral and appointment was undertaken with speed and I was seen a few weeks later.

What was it that I had hurting me so much?

Is this what my life was going to be like from now on?

Why’s and more…

Clear observations made and confirmed with a MRI. The good doctor had seen this all before.

Results came in and I had what was one of many varieties of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yes they are not all the same and some can be treated very successfully with medication.

Oh and a 30 day diet it was ever so subtly suggested could be tried simply to eventually cleanse the body and possibly prepare it for the slow re introduction of food types.

My wife had been with me for all my appointments & we both decided to try the diet together.

A book was mentioned to order and when it arrived we began the diet.

To say it was tough is an understatement however I couldn’t simply believe that what I put into my mouth hadn’t a bearing on my bodies functioning correctly.

I could and would allow this diet to do its thing.

People thought we were crazy. People said they couldn’t do it – no way.

No coffee – oh not me!

No wheat – crusty bread no more.

I loved my muffins but no more muffins for thirty days.

Hey and it gets worse.

You can’t shop in the supermarket because all the things on the shelves are not to be consumed.

You become aware of the processing and additives you can’t touch.

What money you save on

foods you eliminate you spend on free-range and organic fruit vegetables and meats.

The diet while ruthless in eliminating a lot of foods that we often take for granted in eating is very very easy to tackle.

Be prepared and organised to eat fresh seasonal food and don’t be afraid of having a lovely meat & vegetable patty for breakfast with a salad.

Organic food has a totally more vibrant flavour.

It’s not just in ones imagination.

The first few days of change are hard but I’m now approaching the end of the thirty days and it’s a breeze.

I have purchased a book that discusses how one can reintroduce foods to your diet afterwards and keep records on your bodies reactions to these foods.

The purpose being to keep away from possible inflammation causing foods.

Remember to phrase

‘ you are what you eat ‘

This phrase may assist in reminding yourself of the results of poor choices.

Bodies must be like finely tuned vehicles and one needs to keep care of all of the engine.

Oh and one feels full after meals and you can nibble on certain items to stop a few empty moments.

It is ok to feel hungry – many of us in life have forgotten this sensation.

Another big plus is that you do lose weight slowly over this 30 days.

You also have a better energy level.

I have slept soundly and don’t snore as much.

Don’t be afraid to try this diet it will love you totally in return.

This is a possible life style change that will allow you to grow, gain good health and share your learnt knowledge with others.


Christopher Raynor