The to-do list

We are constantly adding things to our life. The to-do list grows endlessly, more things to learn, more emails to read and to send… but our days are already full, often overflowing.
How do we fit everything in and what are the consequences of overdoing? If you stop and listen to your body for just a moment.. you will hear and feel the “answers” to this question. Feelings of anxiety, stress and a body that is not at ease.

Maybe we should be putting some attention on removing things, on decluttering our life and creating some spaciousness around us.


Doing nothing (no thing)

I have been alerted to the metaphor of the archer by Dr Mark Reid, an academic hospital doctor who works in Colorado. He reminded me that for the experienced and well-trained archer, there is nothing new to add or to learn. Improving the accuracy of the arrow is as a result of less. “Less movement. Less distraction. Less effort”.



For the non-archer learning, these skills are available through a daily meditation practice. Less anxiety. Less stress. Less pain. Less fatigue. … longer healthspan.


Consider putting your focus on doing less.