“Healthspan, in its most distilled form, is about preserving three elements of life as long as possible:

  • Brain—namely, how long can you preserve cognition (i.e., executive function, processing speed, short-term memory)
  • Body—specifically, how long can you maintain muscle mass, functional movement and strength, flexibility, and freedom from pain.
  • “Spirit”—how robust is your social support network and your sense of purpose. “

This comment is attributed to Dr Peter Attia,

Most people seek information from friends or Dr Google – doing this without discernment is a recipe for unnecessary stress and anxiety. We forget that the internet is a marketplace and that most knowledge is placed there by sales and marketing people.

Our recipe for healthy ageing includes these rules for gathering knowledge:

  • Choose a qualified and experienced guide to get you to where you want to go.
  • Focus on quality and not quantity.
  • Be persistent and patient.
  • Know that you cannot manage it if you cannot measure it.