McKenzie Method- Can it help me?

By Joel Laing Mckenzie Therapist/ Physiotherapist:
Armadale, Victoria.

Many people suffer from significant and ongoing symptoms and fail to get better despite trying a variety of well-known treatments such as Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Traditional Physiotherapy and Pilates or Strength training.
The McKenzie Method is different and around 70-80% respond to specific pain-relieving exercises that you can do to relieve your own pain. Even in Chronic pain sufferers research shows around 50% can respond to the evidence based McKenzie Method.

The key is the use of repeated movements and monitoring how your symptoms change.
In “responders” a specific direction of exercises will bring about rapid relief.
On average you only need 3-5 sessions, and responders can usually be identified within 1-2 sessions, so at least valuable time and money is not wasted on endless treatment that does not make a difference.

The Mckenzie institute Australia and has links to locate a therapist .