The best summary of what is happening in the science of nutrition is outlined in the forward to this book.

The Book, What The Fat? Fat’s IN, Sugar’s OUT by Prof Grant Schofield and Dr Caryn Zinn.

In the Forward to the book Professor Tim Nokes writes…..

In 1977 the United States Department of Agriculture Food Pyramid reinvented the way most people think about food. We began promoting the eating of low
fat foods as the way to ensure a healthy life.T his was despite not an ounce of good science supporting this idea.

The result has been we have reduced how much fat we eat and replaced the fat with an increased intake of carbohydrates.T he immediate result is that
we are fatter and more diabetic than at any other time in human history. But today in 2015, there is a quiet revolution happening.

We are beginning to see the evidence of how flipping that pyramid around and actually eating more fat, and reducing carbohydrate can benefit us.

These ideas aren’t mine, they aren’t Professor Schofield’s or Dr Zinn’s. In fact, we can trace the very first ideas of reducing carbohydrates to treat overweight and other metabolic problems to the London undertaker, William Banting in his 1862 “Letter on Corpulence”, and German physician DrWilhelm Ebstein inhis 1884
classic “On corpulence and its treatment according to physiological principles”. More recently,the modern pioneers have been Dr Steve Phinney, Dr JeffYolek and Dr Eric Westman.

What Prof Schofield and Dr Zinn are doing is leading the charge in raising the public debate about the futility and non-scientific basis of the modern nutrition guidelines- these guidelines which demonise fat and promote a high carbohydrate diet without any solid scientific reasoning. These guidelines promoted by the
powerful influence of the global food industry have led to a disaster in the modern food supply. Industrial, processed food is what the majority of modern humans now eat.

That’s unhealthy and we need to make a massive change in how we think about food. We need to embrace, not demonise, dietary fats,and recognise the particular role carbohydrates play in dysregulating metabolism, especially in the brain mechanisms controlling hunger.

I wouldn’t say that all carbohydrates are harmful. The coloured and leafy vegetables are part of a healthy diet. Each person has their own “carbohydrate tolerance”. That is how much carbohydrate they can eat without metabolic harm. Mine is very low because I am a diagnosed Type 2 diabetic. So I eat very few carbohydrates and much more fat. ( This is the essence of a KETOGENIC DIET)

Prof Grant, Dietitian Caryn and Chef Craig are the leaders in the food revolution in New Zealand and Australia. I congratulate them on a job well done in bringing the recipes, the cooking, the practice,and the science together in one book. This is the complete how to guide for low-carbohydrate, healthy-fat living.
It’s a guide for life long eating, not a diet.

Follow their guidelines if you too want to live a long, happy,healthy and fulfilled life.

Professor Tim Noakes – OMS, MEChE, MD, DSc, PhD Emeritus Professor University of Cape Tawil, South Africa. Author: The Real Meal Revolution

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