A 50-year-old woman has a 50% chance of having an osteoporotic fracture in her remaining years.
Medications started when bone density falls very low and the risk of a fracture increases, can reduce that risk of a further fracture by half.

• Mortality risk is increased in the elderly following low trauma hip, vertebral and limb fractures.

• The mortality risk is further increased following subsequent fractures.

• Men have a higher risk of mortality following fractures than women.

• Medications for people with osteoporosis may improve their survival.

Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment for osteoporosis is a cost-effective strategy for the Australian healthcare system

There are many inherited and age-related risks for osteoporosis

age, gender
current fracture status
medical past history
other diseases and health conditions
body size, skeletal geometry
genetic make up

There are many modifiable factors and these include

body mass index
risk of falls
bone mass
bone turnover